Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Oscar and the Cricket...

Oscar and the Cricket: a Book about Moving and Rolling by Geoff Waring, Walker Books

Kids ask questions that are difficult to answer. It's not too long since Abigail asked me what electricity was and I found myself stumped on how to explain this to a 3 year old. On a trip to the library I came across Oscar and the Bird: a Book about Electricity and discovered that you can do science for small children. Crisis averted. I was going to review Oscar and the Bird, but it was out helping someone else when we went to the library, so we picked this one up instead.
Oscar and the cricket have found a red ball on the hill which rolls, and stops. It bounces off things, and changes direction. The leaves in the tree move in the breeze. Oscar has a lot of questions to ask about all of this. The cricket is there with explanations and encouragement to try different things, like rolling the ball on a smooth surface to make it go further. This is all told as part of a story arc which held Abigail's interest well - too many facts and no characters wouldn't have held her interest.
The illustrations are simple and effective in carrying the story, and there is a helpful  two page summary at the end of the book to summarise the concept of moving and rolling. There's even an index so you can go back and find anything you want to look over again. I owe you, Geoff Waring. Thank you.

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