Thursday, 10 January 2013

Baby Brains

I popped into Eason's yesterday when I was out with the girls, thinking we might pick up an Oliver Jeffers book but the girls thought better of it. While Emily was busy covering the floor with Peppa Pig books and running around with a copy of Green Eggs and Ham shouting 'MINE!' at everyone, Abigail was quietly insisting that we bought Baby Brains by Simon James because it was her favourite book at school. This was the first time she'd mentioned a book from school so I left Mr Jeffers for another day. I'm really glad she did as we both enjoyed it a lot.
Before Baby Brains is born, he is played music and read to - his parents want him to be very, very clever. And it works. The morning after he gets home, his mum finds him sitting in the living room reading the newspaper. Next it's off to school, university and astronaut academy.. We both enjoyed the pictures of the baby in ridiculous situations, like hanging over the bonnet of a car or floating in space. Abigail's favourite moment in the book is when Baby Brains shouts 'I WANT MY MUMMY!' in the middle of a space walk and is flown back to earth as fast as they can get him. It's a great book for grown ups too as it's a real poke at pushy parents who just need to let their children be children. As an aside I'm always really windy about books with babies having to have bottles of formula in them, so I was pleased (and surprised) that this was all about Baby's brains, and not what he is fed. We were also both pleased that there are more books about Baby Brains, Baby Brains Superstar and Baby Brains and Robomum.
It was lovely to share a book that Abigail chose for herself, as she's never shown a real preference when we've been in the library or bookshop before. She has great taste, so I'm looking forward to the next one.

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