Thursday, 7 March 2013

Emily's Top Books

Emily is just at the age where she likes the same books over and over. So, to celebrate world book day, here's her top 5 books:

Chu's Day, by Neill Gaiman. Say it out loud, and have a smile. Emily loves following the story of Chu and his sneezing and is delighted to join in: ahhh AHHH AAHHHH...
The illustrations are quite traditional, but with a nod to modern life. It's hard not to have a chuckle at the little mice at their computers in the drawers that used to contain index cards. That's progress for you!

The Hueys in the New Jumper, by Oliver Jeffers. Emily just loves the simple illustrations, the bright orange jumper and chatting about what the Hueys are up to, especially the tiny Huey who gets ever so upset. I have to read this about 5 times a day at the moment.

Green Eggs and Ham, By Dr. Suess. Now, this is a little too long for Emily to sit through at the moment, but she loves the beginning, skips a bit of the middle and loves the end. She instantly recognises any Dr Suess book and greets it with a cuddle and an 'IT'S SAM!' whether he's in the book or not. She loves Sam and his ham.

We had this book from the library for ages, because every time I tried to return it Emily thought the world was ending. I'm actually a bit worried if she sees this blog it'll remind her, so I've distracted her with Peppa Pig and some crisps. Bad mummy. Soren Lorensen is in this book (Lola's invisible friend) and Emily loves trying to spot him.

Emily was given a big bag of Maisy books for a Christmas present, and this is her favourite one; it's a great picture of a modern library. Maisy goes to find a book and a quiet spot to read, but finds computers, photocopiers and an aquarium amongst the books. There's a story time for all her friends before they check their books out and go outside to play, and Maisy gets a quiet spot to read her book.

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