Sunday, 21 April 2013

Duck, Duck, Goose.

 I had to take a flying visit to the library yesterday morning; our books were due back, I had some errands to run and Abigail had a party in the afternoon. Under pressure from the lunch time closing time, and the speed I needed to get my errands, I decided to fly solo. This was not the sort of trip suitable for two under-fives!I stopped off in the library first so I had at least a little time to browse and decided on two stable favourites, Oscar the Cat and Oliver Jeffers. Unusually, I picked up the board book of Mr Jeffer's 'Lost and Found' (mostly the library has hard or paperback copies) and trotted off to finish my list of things-to-do.
When I got home, I dropped the books on a chair in the living room and went to unpack my shopping bags. Emily grabbed Lost and Found - she recognised the artwork - and took it over for her daddy to read. I pottered about a bit more, then noticed Emily was playing with the book. She had some of her Hello Kitty figures, and was acting the story out. Apart from being incredibly cute, it got me thinking about the format of the book. The thick card pages were giving her a leap pad into another world of imagination, almost as if she was playing with a real set. She often sits and flicks through books by herself, but this was the first time I'd seen her use one as a whole new world. Who knew there was so much in a format?

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